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Saddam and Osama: One Man Guilty. One Man Free. Go
On The Constitution, Ethics and Human Rights: Major Differences Between Rep... Go
On Energy & Environment: Major Differences Between Republicans and Democrat... Go
On Health Care and Medicine: Major Differences Between Republicans and Demo... Go
On Economic Issues: Major Differences Between Republicans and Democrats Go
On National Security: Major Differences Between Republicans and Democrats Go
Not Sure How to Vote? Chart Compares Major Differences Between Republicans ... Go

Leaflet, flyer, flier (both are acceptable), handout, poster, mailer, pamphlet, ad, dodger, broadside, circular, handbill.


This series of 6 is designed for Democratic campaigners working this last weekend to help undecided voters decide. They draw clear distinctions between the parties and can be used to bolster the fact that Democrats do have a plan. Hope they help! Please let us know.

Not Sure How to Vote on Tuesday?

There are significant differences between the Republicans and Democrats on issues important to many Americans. Remember: your vote will mean the difference between the success or failure of this critical legislation.


Raise the Minimum Wage to $7.25. Democrats: YES. Republicans: NO.

Cut Student Loan Interest Rates in Half. Democrats: YES. Republicans: NO.

Stop the Effort to Privatize Social Security and Medicare. Democrats: YES. Republicans: NO.

Make It Legal for the Government to Negotiate With Drug Companies to Lower Drug Costs and Fix Medicare Part D. Democrats: YES. Republicans: NO.

Stop Corporate Welfare Subsidies to Big Oil and Gas Companies. Democrats: YES. Republicans: NO.

New Regulations to Break the Link Between Lobbyists and Government. Democrats: YES. Republicans: NO.

Enact All the Recommendations of the Bipartisan 9/11 Commission to Make Us All Safer. Democrats: YES. Republicans: NO.

Download This PDF: Democratic_Republican_Differences_V1.pdf

See all in: /Election-Day-Checklist/

/Iraq/What-Matters-to-You/ View Section


It's Time For You To Make a Choice

Whether or not you believe this election is “about” Iraq, how you vote will determine America’s course of action there. At what point does “stay the course” mean continuing failed policies? At what point to we demand our leaders have the intelligence and will to change direction? At 10,000 American deaths? At one million dead Iraqi women and children? At trillions of wasted dollars? The Republicans in Congress “stayed their course” and failed. It’s time to give the Democrats a chance to work with the President to figure out which is the next right step in Iraq.

If Democrats need to work with George Bush to find the right course in Iraq, then so be it.

Download This PDF: IRAQ_Time_For_You_To_Choose_V2.pdf

/Energy-and-Environment/Energy-Independence/ View Section


Energy Independence

George Bush and his rubber-stamp Republican Congress have had six years to deal with important issues like our current and future energy needs.

Instead, they’ve taken the Hurricane Katrina Approach: they’ve ignored the issue.

At every opportunity for change the Republicans have thrown up roadblocks to progress. By refusing to take conservation seriously, they’ve actually increased our dependence on oil from our enemies in the Middle East. This truly vicious cycle also adds to the growing problem of global climate change.

It’s time to give the Democrats a chance to take the lead on weaning us from our growing need for fuel sources from hostile nations. Democrats have traditionally taken the lead on innovative, progressive approaches to energy and the environment.

Six years of Republican corporate welfare and generous gifts to and from high-paid oil and gas industry representatives have made us less independent and less secure.

On November 7, reject big oil’s stranglehold on Congress.
Choose Energy Independence. Choose Democrats.

Download This PDF: Energy_Independence_V1_Earth.pdf

/Nov-7-Series/Choose-Democracy/ View Section




There is no body copy for this version.

This is an updated variation on the most popular download of the 2004 campaign.

Download This PDF: NOV7_Choose_Democracy_V1.pdf

/Democratic-Choice-06/Face-to-Face-Series/ View Section

/Republican-Fear-Campaign/Republican-Distractions/ View Section

Number of People* Whose Lives Are Directly Affected By Gay Marriage:

See visual.

Number of People* Whose Lives Are Directly Affected By The War in Iraq:

See visual.

(*In Millions.)

On November 7, send a message to George Bush and the Radical Republican Congress: We know what really matters. We’re a lot smarter than you think and we won’t be manipulated. We won’t be distracted by your campaign to divert our attention from your complete failure of leadership.

$6 billion every month, nearly 3,000 American soldiers and more than 600,000 Iraqi civilians dead—and you want us to think about fringe social issues? Think again.

This campaign ploy has worked for them before. Probably won the 2004 election for them. Let's hope people are wiser this time around.

Download This PDF: Gay_Marriage_vs_Iraq_Distraction.pdf

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